Stay Connected

Tired of manually entering contact information into your company’s CRM, only

to find that almost half of your contact database is outdated? Yearning for a

better solution to stay connected?

Welcome to Digidex, a revolutionary way to share, manage, and integrate

contact information.

The Future is Digital

Digidex is an easy-to-use platform that exchanges contact profiles, and enables users to receive updates when a fellow Digidex user updates their information.

Whether you are a company using a CRM system or a

self-employed professional with a large database of contacts, Digidex will transform how you exchange, store, and manage your contacts information.

In a highly digitized world, traditional business cards have lost their value. They get lost, worn out, and outdated. To grow your businesses, you need your customers’ contact information to be fresh, easily integrated, and always reachable. Digidex lets you share, integrate, and update contact information automatically, every time there is a change. With each user maintaining and self-validating their own data, your contacts stay connected.

Seamless. Innovative. Effortless.

How Does Digidex Work?

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Enter your contact information or scan your business card

Download the App from the Apple iStore or Android App store

Exchange your contact details using a one-time code you send to your contact.

Change your contact information in one of your profiles and Digidex sends your new profile contact information to your contacts automatically once you self-validate your new information.

Rest assured that when one of your Digidex contacts changes their information, you receive their updated contact information immediately.

Digidex App Features


Share, store and update your contact lists easily and effortlessly

CRM Integration

No more costly, manual, and time-consuming data-entry into CRM. Integrate and update all your information in the CRM system with a simple click

Clean Data

Digidex guarantees users 100% accurate contact

information of fellow users. That gives you a higher return on your marketing investment.

Available in two versions

Both Individual and Enterprise users can now share, store and manage their contact details


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